Spinner BT Turntable

Introducing the Spinner BT Turntable

Give your favorite records a fresh spin
JBL has released its first-ever turntable, with features to give your next vinyl session a brand-new feel and a fun vibe.

Authentic Sound, No Matter How You Listen

Hear your vinyl collection in a whole new way with the Spinner BT’s Bluetooth capability. Your favorite records can now connect with portable speakers,soundbars, and even headphones with ease. However you choose to listen, the Spinner BT can set the mood. 


Spin your records in style with a vibrant design. We kept the body a classic black with an aluminum platter and tonearm and added a pop of color – choose from JBLorange or a sleek gold – for some extra flare.  


The Spinner BT is designed with an aluminum platter and belt drive that ensures every song is played perfectly in time – 33 1/3 rpm for LPs and 45 rpm for singles. And with a High-Fidelity cartridge included, your JBL record player is ready to go right out of the box. So, pull out your records, EPs, or singles, and let the music play.


Listen to your records without damaging them in the process. The Spinner BT is made with a high-quality aluminum tonearm that stays in the groove while being gentle on your vinyl. 



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